Dispute Resolution

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We provide strategic, hands-on support across all dispute resolution matters, from litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution to mediation and arbitration.
We are recognised in the market as skilful litigators. Still, we take a preventive approach to disputes and settling matters out-of-court is always our first recourse. Lengthy disputes can drain all your resources and derail your business goals, leading to significant financial losses and even reputational damage. Settling out-of-court is the preferred option; however, it can be crucial to have an experienced litigator at your side to handle matters in your favour when the chips are down.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in high-profile banking, commercial, construction, employment, and property disputes, dealing with Croatian and EU legislation.

Detailed legal analyses

Once we take on a particular case, our legal analyses go way beyond the matter at hand. We strive to get the lay of the land, market conditions and business specifics that have led to the dispute to be able to prepare an effective and efficient case strategy.

We represent clients in pre-trial and trial hearings, draft correspondence and prepare applications for the authorities and represent clients in commercial and investment arbitration proceedings.
  • Strategic litigation advisory
  • Commercial litigation
  • Out of court settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

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