Untangling the most complex business knots
We have built our reputation on being fast, bold, and precise corporate lawyers ready to tackle any given challenge facing your business. 
We are the type of lawyers you can rely on in your daily business operations and complex endeavours.

Our services encompass various business needs, including clarifying market entrance conditions, incorporation, choosing a suitable business form, and entering different strategic partnerships. We support our clients in preparing and implementing shareholders' meetings, corporate governance matters and regulatory compliance issues.

No two snowflakes are alike

We are deeply invested in understanding and tending to all your business needs. We are strongly dedicated to constantly enriching our industry knowledge to be as efficient as possible. Our clients operate in a wide range of sectors: TMT, FMCG, Real Estate, Finance, Construction, Energy, Transport, Hospitality, and many more.

Nurturing your business

Having a brilliant FinTech solution, innovative payment platform, ground-breaking MedTech solution, pioneering electric vehicle or scalable video game is just the beginning of your business journey, which can be quite overwhelming. Starting a new business can be both exciting and challenging. It is a fragile time when many different business and legal aspects must be considered for your solution to see the light of the day. Finding lawyers who understand your industry and what you are trying to achieve while being cost-effective can be critical for your business's success. 

We take a mentoring approach to new business owners and start-ups, guiding them through the whole business life cycle, such as: corporate structuring and ownership issues, intellectual property issues, business financing options, employment matters, non-disclosure agreements, commercial contracts to scale-ups and exits. We also support start-ups in setting up their businesses abroad.

Once your business has grown, our multidisciplinary legal team can provide you with comprehensive advice regarding potential sales or mergers or raising seed and pre-IPO capital.   

Building trusting alliances

Our profoundly analytical approach and focus on high-quality advice have, over the years, resulted in long-lasting business partnerships with leading Croatian and international companies.


We support our clients in:

  • Business incorporation and liquidation
  • General corporate advisory
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder- meetings
  • Squeeze out
  • Increase and decrease of share capital
  • Capital maintenance and reserve issues
  • Treasury shares


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